My Thoughts and Musings

Thank you for visiting my page!  This site is filled with, well, my thoughts and musings!  I wanted to make it a eclectic as possible so there is a little bit of everything.  Please allow me to give you a quick “tour.”

About Me - This section tells a bit of my story and has some logistical information, such as my email and twitter handle.  This also has fun stuff like favorite author and hometown.

Blog - This is just my random thought and musings!  Some topics and fun, but some are about things that have really touched my heart.

Some of the writings are about topics that are not fun to read but are thought provoking, interesting, and sometimes controversial.  WARNING:  This section contains swear words!!

Book Nook - I just could not keep all the wonderful books I have read contained.  They were BURSTING to get out and have their own section!

Favorite Things - Pictures and links to some of my favorite (material) things!

There is a comment page on the last section of the site, please feel free to use it.  I am willing to put myself out there, I am asking that you do (a bit) of the same!  So c’mon, leave a comment.  I dare you! :)

The Soul takes flight to a world that’s invisible.  But there arriving, she is sure of bliss. And forever dwells in paradise. - Plato

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